Reclaiming Your Pet

Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter wants to ensure pets are returned to owners as soon as possible.

Proof of Ownership

Please be prepared with documentation to provide evidence of ownership:

  • Bill of purchase / adoption record
  • Medical records
  • Microchip registration
  • Pictures that document ownership over time (i.e., puppy through adult pictures)
  • Proof of rabies vaccine or licensing


There are fees incurred while the pet is in our care. Please call to inquire of the fees prior to coming to the shelter.

Animal Shelter Redemption and Impoundment Fees

  • $25 - 1st Impoundment Fee
  • $50 - 2nd Impoundment Fee
  • $100 - 3rd Impoundment Fee
  • $20 - Daily Fee

The owner is responsible for reimbursement of external veterinary care the animal shelter was required to provide to safely and humanely house the animal.

For more information on our fees, please visit our Adoption Fees page.