Winter Storm Warnings


When the National Weather Service issues a WINTER STORM WARNING for Calvert County. From the announcement until the expiration of the official warning the following are required to be provided by animal owners or custodians: 

  • Dogs and cats should be brought inside. If a dog or cat is left outside they must have free access to a solid structure that is heated or is set against the prevailing winds and allows the dog or cat to maintain their core body temperature. 
  • Livestock and farm animals should have free access to protection from the weather that allows maintenance of core body temperature
  • Livestock and farm owners should provide access to additional food to allow animals to recover from the loss of additional calories
  • All animals outdoors must be continually monitored for signs of distress
  • All animals must have access to clean unfrozen water at all times

 Any person in violation of the requirements set forth in this alert may be subject to enforcement which could include fines up to $1,000 or 30 days in jail. 

Report any concerns to Calvert County Animal Control at 410-535-1600 ex.2526 or 410-535-3491.

Pursuant to Chapter 7. Animals, Article I. Cruelty; Abuse and Neglect - During periods of extreme weather additional requirements may be put in place to protect the health and welfare of animals Calvert County.