Workshops for Calvert County Comprehensive Plan Update

Five workshops were held on key issues for the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan Update, from February 6, 2017 through May 16, 2017. These workshops reflected the ideas and challenges revealed during the issue identification workshops in 2016. Before each workshop, an issue paper was posted on line for review. The issue papers are short documents that summarize major ideas and provide possible strategies for dealing with each issue. Workshop materials can be found below. Ideas from the workshops were used to develop the updated Comprehensive Plan.

 Workshop #1: Providing an Efficient and Multi-modal Transportation System

 Workshop #2: Supporting Options in Community Character: Developing a Place-type Strategy

 Workshop #3: Fostering Communities with Multi-Generational Opportunities

 Workshop #4: Preserving Rural Character and Directing Growth to Designated Areas

 Workshop # 5: Strengthening Economic Vitality

In the summer of 2016, informational meetings were held where the public could learn about the update and rewrite process and share their ideas about the challenges Calvert County is facing. In September and October, four interactive workshops were held where participants and the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance team heard from each other in facilitated small group discussions. A summary of the discussions is available online (PDF). The discussions at those meetings helped set the stage for the next phase, discussing key issues that should be addressed in the new Comprehensive Plan.