Robert Brooke established Calvert County's original jail in 1654 in the town of Battle Town on Battle Creek. Robert Brooke named Battle Creek in memory of his first wife, Mary Baker, whose family had lived at Battle or Battle in Sussex, England; the site of the Battle of Hastings.

The town soon became known as Calvert Town and it was the seat of government of the county until 1725, when the courthouse was moved to Prince Frederick. Until the early 1950s, the jail was located in a separate building behind the courthouse. During this period, the jail was relocated to the courthouse in a new facility. It had three holding cells and was built to accommodate 14 inmates.

Due to overcrowding and an antiquated facility, funding was obtained to design and build a new jail with a rated capacity of 92 inmates. The new jail was built in the town of Barstow. The jail was opened on September 5, 1978, with an inmate population of six work release and twenty maximum security inmates. Under former Sheriff Adrian Joy, Colonel James L. Black and Lieutenant Ed Kirby were appointed to manage the department.

More Recent Expansions

Overcrowding again became a problem and in 1990, the jail broke ground for new maximum security housing and renovation of the existing facility. The expansion was completed in 1992 with a rated capacity of 172 inmates. The expansion allowed the facility to provide maximum, medium and minimum inmate housing areas. During this time period, the jail was renamed the Calvert County Detention Center.