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Are you thinking of starting a farm? Maybe you are an experienced farmer or waterman looking to diversify, expand or update your business. Either way, there are a number of resources and tools at your disposal to make the process easier. Contact us at to learn more!

Other Resources

United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA's Farm Service Agency administers farm commodity, crop insurance, credit, environmental, conservation and emergency assistance programs for farmers and ranchers.

Calvert Soil Conservation District

The Calvert Soil Conservation District (SCD) assists farmers with plans for controlling soil erosion, sedimentation and flooding, as well as managing animal wastes, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals to protect farmland and water quality. Develops conservation, nutrient management and water quality plans for farmers. In addition, SCD owns various agricultural equipment that may be rented on a first-come-first serve basis.

Annie's Project

Annie's Project is designed to empower women involved in agriculture to manage information systems used in critical decision making processes and to build local networks throughout the state.