FY 2024 Bid Results

July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

Bid No.
Bid Title
Procurement Specialist
Bid Results
Awarded To
RFQ 2024-001
Gatewood Preserve Generator Replacement
Taylor Smith
HLW Electric, Inc.

4244 St. Leonard Rd
Suite 203
St. Leonard, MD 20685

ITB 2024-002
Calvert County
Detention Center 
Generator Replacement
Taylor Smith

Bid Comparison

Bids Rejected
RFP 2024-003
Archaeological Services
Charlotte DeStephano
Proposals Rejected
ITB 2024-005
Vehicle Door Wraps, Lettering, and Graphics
Taylor Smith

Bid Comparison

Under Review
RFQ 2024-006
Cooking Oil Recycling Services
Charlotte DeStephano
Revolution Bio Fuels Inc.
2162 Kerchner Lane
Seven Valleys, PA 17360

RFQ 2024-010
Concession Services and Operation of Boat Ramp, Solomons, Maryland
Charlotte DeStephano
Under Review
RFQ 2024-011
Snow and Ice Removal Services - Park and Ride Sites
Charlotte DeStephano
Metropolitan Site & Safety Equipment LLC
2910 Leka Drive

Huntingtown, MD 20639