Application Forms for Grading Permits

Note to Applicants

Separate permits and inspections are required for plumbing and electrical work, and building. Plumbing and electrical permit applications must be completed and signed by Calvert County licensed master electricians and master plumbers and submitted to the Inspections and Permits office after the applicable building permit is approved.

  1. Commercial Grading Permit Fees
  2. Residential Grading Permit Fee

Commercial Grading Permit Fees

Fee Description
Department Assessing Fee
Grading Permit$75.00I&P
Grading Permit$125.00SCS

Grading Bonds

Bond Description
Department Assessing Bond
Grading Bond
(required when the grading permit is not accompanied by a building permit)
Determined by Project Management DivisionPM
County Road Access Permit Bond
(without construction of primary residence, valley gutter)
125% of an approved cost estimatePW/ENG
Site Completion BondRequired at the discretion of the grading inspectors; determined by Project Management Division and the Engineering Bureau prior to issuance of Certificate of OccupancyPM