False Alarm Prevention Tips

Most Frequent Causes of False Alarms

  • User error
    • More than 80 percent of all false alarms are caused by user error (unlocked or loose doors, kids, neighbors, relatives, visitors, repairmen, pets, etc. )
  • Installation or service errors
  • Equipment failure or equipment malfunction
  • Storms
  • Power outages

False Alarm Prevention Tips

  • Ensure all users of the security system are fully educated on its proper operation (including cleaning crews, children, neighbors, caretakers, employees, temporary staff, etc.).
  • Ensure all protected doors and windows are securely closed and locked.
  • Keep pets, balloons, fans, heaters, etc. away from motion sensor areas.
  • Know how much time you need to disarm the system upon entering.
  • Always keep doors and windows locked when the alarm is armed.

Keep the Following Facts in Mind When Selecting Your Alarm System

  • Barking dogs can activate glass-break detectors.
  • House pets that have access to roam throughout the house can activate motion detectors.
  • Plants and curtains caught in drafts can activate motion sensors.
  • Stacked items that can fall, such as boxes, may activate motion detectors.
  • Mylar balloons may cause motion sensor alarms activate.
  • Swinging doors and/or windows can activate motion detection alarm.