Local Behavioral Health Advisory Council


The council develops the plans, strategies, and priorities of the county for meeting the identified needs of the general public for behavioral health evaluation, prevention, intervention, and treatment.


The council shall consist of the following individuals:

  • The health officer of the local Health Department
  • The director of the local department of Social Services
  • The regional director of the Department of Juvenile Services
  • The regional director of the Division of Parole and Probation, or the director's designee
  • The State's Attorney, or the State's Attorney's designee
  • The District Public Defender
  • The administrator of the Local Detention Center
  • The Sheriff
  • The Superintendent of Local Schools 
  • A representative of the Board of County Commissioners
  • The administrative judge of the Circuit Court
  • The administrative judge of the District Court
  • The director of the local Department of Aging
  • Representative of a State Inpatient Facility that serves the County
  • Representative from a general hospital in the County with designated State inpatient beds
  • The following individuals are appointed:
    • At least one practicing physician
    • A representative of the local hospital
    • An individual who is currently receiving or has received behavioral health services in the past
    • A parent of an adult with a behavioral health disorder
    • A parent of a child or adolescent with a behavioral health disorder
    • A local behavioral health advocacy agency
    • A local behavioral health rehabilitation or housing program
    • A provider of behavioral health services that is not a physician (2)
    • At least one provider of behavioral health prevention services
    • A member of the general public who is knowledgeable and active on behavioral health issues that affect the community
    • A member of the clergy who is knowledgeable about treatment of behavioral health disorders

The term of each member shall be for three (3) years.


Meets six times (6) annually.


  • Kristy Kidwell
    • 443-295-8584, Ext. 102
    • kristy.kidwell@maryland.gov