Application Process

Any person desiring to be licensed as a building contractor in the County shall make and file with the Building Official a written application on a form approved by the Board. Each application shall be accompanied by a fee in an amount recommended by the Building Board and approved by the Board of County Commissioners as an application fee.

The applicant shall furnish information, which shall remain confidential for use of the Board only as to his character reference and financial responsibility, his experience or training and education or the experience and training and education of his associates, construction superintendent or other principal employees in the building trade, as the Board shall require.

Before the issuance of a license, the Building Official shall ascertain from reliable sources the applicant's record of compliance with the laws of the State and the County. The Board may request further information from the Building Official or other sources, make independent investigation and conduct examination of the applicant, at its discretion. On the basis of the foregoing, it shall be the Board's duty, within 60 days after submission of an application for a license, to certify to the Building Official whether the applicant and his organization are qualified to comply with this code and laws of the County and state and to perform fully his building contracts and should be licensed, and to notify the applicant.

In no case shall denial of certification be unreasonable, and a denial shall be in writing stating the reason and shall be personally served or mailed by certified mail to the address on the application. Any denial may be appealed to the Circuit Court of Calvert County by filing notice of appeal with the Clerk of the Court within the time set forth by the Maryland Rules and Procedures for appeals from rulings of administrative agencies.